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The church is seeking top performers to fill various positions. You must speak well and dress well and be able to function on your own intiative. No anointing necessary. Those who “hear from God” please don’t apply. You guys are scary. And you are free to live a double life just don’t let us find out about your second life or we can never ever use you again. Please apply at a church of your choice in person.

Sounds funny but is this really what we have become? Are we really comfortable with this?

I have read of so many Jews who faced tyrants who gave them a choice: eat pork or face torment and death. So valiantly and with courage they denouce the tyrants offer with bold speeches and their limbs were disjointed, flesh torn from their skin and they were burnt still confessing their faith with their last breathe.

Liberty has made Christians operate in cheap grace not desiring to delve into the mysteries of God which strengthens reasoning and courage. We reject “more” because we don’t want to change but live the Christian life on our own terms and by our own rules. Yet we can’t see that such a posture destroys our souls for only in walking in the Spirit and allowing what God has hidden to be revealed layer by layer can we truly master the flesh.

I have grown tired of seeing believers walk away from church and its as if their voice don’t matter. Their reason for leaving is valid but we refuse to change. We make laws that cannot be broken, but we forget that mercy is more powerful than judgment.

I have been tempted to walk away from church because I realize we have made it more about satisfying our inflated ego than knowing, loving on and experiencing God.

Today’s church has so little to offer that our members are covertly going to “Obeah” (witchcraft) for their needs to be met. We are the ones who have access to an unlimited God and we need to cease from telling those who come to us that “This little is all we offer; take it or leave it.”

Christianity is about imitating Christ… it’s not about dress codes, rituals or even doctrine (who is right and who is wrong). Denominations are men trying to establish their own gospel with doctrine at its foundation. Our faith is not in Christ but in a belief system, which is why we produce so little results.

Christianity is so much more than reading, memorizing, quoting Scriptures, singing old songs, holding a position in church and praying in English. It is more than the prophetic, gifts of the Spirit and signs and wonders.

Christianity is a journey back to original intent.. back to beginning… back to the image and likeness of God and this requires absolute surrender, death to ego (the fallen version of oneself) and transformation that can only be achieved by looking/gazing at Christ.

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