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The world is changing. If as sons of God we are going to be successful in bringing order and realignment from all this chaos, there is a need for us to refocus. The reality is, there are more for us, than there are against us. We can’t know more about the enemy than we know about those who are for us.

If we are going to change the world, it cannot be business as usual. We need to reject the norm that we know, and embrace a new thing. Obviously, all the rituals and traditions we have engaged with for years is not producing the faith and hope needed in the hearts of people for heaven to invade earth. We need God. We need His angelic armies. We need the help of the cloud of witnesses. We need to align with the spirits of just men made perfect. We need to understand principalities and powers (those who did not fall).

Ignorance is no excuse in the age of technological advancement and increase of knowledge. Whatever state you die in, is the same state you will be resurrected in. The process of spiritual transformation and overcoming that you fail to go through now, you will have to go through it then (after death). Let the just be just still. Let the righteous be righteous still. Let those who are unbelievers, be unbelievers still.

Work on yourself. The Bible says it this way, “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” (Philippians 2:12b). There is absolutely no way for you to know if what you believe is true, except for the fruit that it produces. Change your focus. Be more aware of the God in and around you, and stop being so engaged with devils.

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