Author C. Orville McLeish
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Humanity, such strange beings
Having a mind of their own, not easily swayed
Each man under their own conviction
Unable to be taught anything contrary
Lost in their limitations
Daring to declare they will not surrender
Finitude for infinite knowledge

I start to think we love the little box
we have created for ourselves
And try to fit God into it
I have news for you, He doesn’t fit.

We create this fantasy
That something is not, is, but it will never be
We can convince ourselves that
Something that is not working, is, but it is not
You say you are a realist,
But who defines reality really
I find that your version is remarkably different than mine
We both believe we are both right
But what if we are both wrong
That’s possible, isn’t it?

Humanity; such strange beings
Slaves to our own thinking
Cultured by those before us
Who already decided what we would believe
We think we are nothing,
while striving every day to be something
What an unfortunate contradiction

Humanity, denying divinity
denying God
denying self
Establishing a fantasy
Where something is nothing and
Nothing is something

Humanity, wandering around aimlessly
Trying to find significance in dust
Because dust can be seen
We nod when we hear Spirit is real
But we really don’t agree
Because from a natural perspective,
Spirit is scientifically impossible.
But how else can you understand the seen
Outside the perspective of the unseen?

Humanity, a waste of potential
We chase fantasies, temporary pleasures
Momentary satisfaction, not fulfilment
What is purpose?
I don’t know.
What is your value?
I don’t know.
Where did you come from?
Science says we came from nothing,
So we believe we are nothing.
Fearfully and wonderfully made? Yeah right.
This is what they teach and
We silently believe it to be true:
Formed, not created
Evolved, not designed:
We came from monkeys
So we are mindless baboons
Give us a banana and we will do what you ask

Humanity, divinity denied
We are who we think we are
And can never be anything else
The question is: Whose version of You will You believe and accept?
The world, the systems of the world —
Will you believe them or God?

You see, God adores you
He sees Himself in you
He wants to manifest Himself in you
No matter how messed up and lost you think you are
God wants to use you

The enemy wants to abuse you
He wants to take your true potential
And make it his own
But it is you who empowers the devil
You give him your power

You create the world you live in
Because that’s who you are
God gave you the power to do it
So if you want it changed, you will have to change it
No one is going to do it for you
You don’t believe me, I see
How long have you been waiting for change?
Keep waiting, doubters
Believers, you stand up
Know yourself — find yourself in God
That’s where your identity lies

Humanity, God’s prized possessions
A devil’s worst nightmare
But if you don’t know this to be true
It will not be
If you believe you can’t, you won’t
If you believe you can, you will
If you believe God, there is no such thing as impossible

Dream bigger
Aim higher

God lives in you — know thyself

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