Author C. Orville McLeish
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The danger with “religion” is that we try to encapsulate God in a particular doctrine and belief system, thereby restricting His true nature as God.

God doesn’t change, as we understand change to be, but He is not restricted by our belief or doctrine either because He is God.

Doctrine that may seem relevant today, can become obsolete tomorrow and if we fail to let go of the old to embrace the new, we will end up becoming the church that met Jesus with great hostility instead of faith. The church could not let go of all that was said and done under Moses’ regime, and they were quite content with repeating the same pattern over and over again, even when it was obvious that God was moving His people to another dimension.

Why do we prefer to teach our children to carry on our same dead practices, instead of challenging them to build on the little that we know?

We need to stop seeing the world from the perspective of sinner and saint, saved and unsaved, going to heaven and going to hell. For God so loved the “world” that He gave heavens most prized treasure.

See the world from the perspective of humanity made in God’s image, even if that image is blurred/distorted. The world is a recipient of God’s love, not His judgment and the only thing we owe our fellow man is love.

Love is the alchemical principle that will give birth to the next generation of the human race, who understand who they are and whose they are.

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