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The will of man is really powerful, for we choose the path we travel in life, mostly, and no one can deflect our chosen path.

We choose what we want to believe, who we listen to and how much of what we hear we apply to our own lives.

The will then becomes as destructive as it is the one powerful characteristic that every human being possess that makes him like God.

The problem with Christianity is that we often base our doctrines and beliefs on a separationist point of view where God is somewhere out there, and we are here.

Our goal then becomes getting God to come where we are and affect our environment. God is already here. He lives inside the believer.

The fullness of the Godhead dwells fully in the Father; the fullness of the Godhead dwells fully in the Son; the fullness of the Godhead dwells fully in the Holy Spirit.

If Holy Spirit occupies your body (the temple of God), the fullness of the Godhead dwells in you. There is no separation.

So, then you want to talk about sin. I know you sin. I do too. We are far from perfect and our best effort at righteousness, is as filthy rags to God, which means perfection is NOT attainable for human beings, but it is possible for God because He provides a garment of righteousness that we can wear that covers our sins.

This makes it possible for us to be one with God, despite our inability to stop sinning. This is not a license to sin, but even the one who thinks they are not sinning is guilty of sin; because sin is that one thing that is common among all men, and makes us equal.

The one who says he has not sinned is a liar. The thing we judge so harshly in others is also within us. Which means you cannot truly judge others without judging yourself.

There is good and evil in us all, and to deny this dual-nature is to deceive yourself into arrogance (which God hates by the way).

So, where did this whole separation mentality come from? Paul said nothing can separate us from God’s love; and if God is love, then nothing can truly separate us from God. David said if he made his bed in hell, God is there. David just said there is love in hell. Argue all you want, I’m just quoting Scripture. Who can really separate you from God? The answer is, YOU! Only you possess the power to do that.

Who told Adam and Eve to go hide from God after their sin? No one told them, but they must have gotten the idea from somewhere. It wasn’t God’s idea. He still went looking for them, as usual, and surely He must have known what they had done.

If creation suffered at the fall of man, the created world would have already started to look different. SO God knew they had fallen, but He was still interested in humanity.

Sin really lacks the power, through Jesus Christ, to separate us from God. We must study Scripture in context. Yes, there was a time sin separated man from God, but Jesus made a lot of the old belief systems and practices null and void.

The Bible is not the end of the story. It follows a chronological series of events that chronicles the journey of man in God; a journey that had a glorious beginning, but then there was the fall and the effects of the fall, but God has been restoring all that was lost from then until now, which means parts of the story changes and continues to change.

The one who was known as the god of this world was judged and cast out, which means he or it is no longer holding that position.

There is a new “god of this world” in town, and they are those who are filled with the fullness of God.Your ignorance of who you are stops you from functioning in this capacity.

I find it funny (not really) that God dis-empowered a lot of stuff, but we gave them back its power, then live under the bondage of that which we empowered.

It is time that believers in Christ understand who they are and what they carry.

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