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Jesus did not come into this world to divide the world into Christians and non-Christians. Christianity was a title given to those who were followers of “The Way.” The Way to what? As I allowed this revelation to marinate in the depth of my soul, it opened up for me one day.

Jesus came to remind humanity of God’s original intent when He created man. Jesus didn’t grow up knowing that He was the Son of God. His parents knew who He was, but He didn’t. He went through the process of coming into His true identity as we all should. If you notice in Scripture, He always referred to Himself as the Son of Man. Anyone or anything else who knew His true identity was told to be silent and not reveal that information. Jesus is the full manifestation of a human being in all the glory of the Father. If this is true, then the lessons Jesus taught has a much deeper meaning than we think.

When Jesus said no one has ascended to heaven but he who came from heaven (See John 3:13), He was talking about us too. Whether we had a pre-existence form prior to coming to earth or we have a new soul that was hewn from the very fabric and essence of God’s being, we can claim heaven because we came from heaven. We are born from above (born again, in Church language).

Now let’s consider the parable of the prodigal son. Every single human being came into this world as a prodigal son who must find their way back home. We took our inheritance and agreed to come here because we were convinced that we could make a difference (vis-à-vis, be a light in a dark world). Yet, so many of us end up squandering what God has given us on riotous and pleasure-seeking living. Isn’t that true for a majority of humanity? Yet there is this call within to remember who we are (deep calls to deep). This call is drowned out in the noise and distractions of the world, but it is there. No wonder heaven rejoices when a sinner repents. No wonder we say one has found their way home when they get saved.

Until we remember who we are, we will function way below our true potential and within the framework of a false identity that may provide some measure of temporary pleasure, but no eternal fulfilment or satisfaction. Earth is the training ground for god-like beings who were originally made in the image and likeness of the Eternal God. We must overcome all the false identities and habits that seeks to undermine and constrict the nature and divine spark of God that resides in us all.

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