Author C. Orville McLeish
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God gave man charge over the affairs and systems of the earth. Man was made to rule over all creation. It is our purpose for being on the earth. What happens when God’s children spend all their time just looking out for the first train out of this world? Why do we sit on the sidelines praying, hoping that God will come and do the very work He has commissioned and empowered us to do? How long will we wallow in ignorance and despair, while the fullness of God sits inside us uninitiated and unused?

If the man or woman in Christ, in God, refuses to take charge of any area of society, then the godless will rule and assume that seat. The godless have become the decision makers, the holders of wealth and influence, while a majority of the church is praying for Jesus to make a speedy appearance and take them out of this world. Are we really going to pass this hopeless and powerless mentality to the next generations? I sincerely hope not.

No human being is powerless. This is only the reality for those who believe they are. We have seen what one godless man can do on the face of the earth. If one can wield so much power outside of God, then what can the man or woman who has absolute faith in Jesus Christ do? We must rid ourselves of this “escapism” mentality and realize that God sent us here (we agreed to come here) to leave an indelible mark in creation. We have all we need for life and godliness; we have the gifts of the Spirit; we have the fruit of the Spirit; we have talents (at least one); we have angels assigned to help us accomplish our destiny; we have the Holy Spirit (the fullness of the Godhead) living inside and on our bodies. There are only two things blocking your emergence as a manifested son/daughter of God on the face of the earth: unbelief and fear. In any area of your life where you lack power, unbelief and/or fear is present.

Why are you waiting for someone other than you to change this world, when God has put the power in your hand to do so? Find the Light that is Christ that is within you, and begin to expand it inside your body, until it fills your home, then community, then the nation in which you are planted.

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