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Time is an interesting construct when trying to understand it in the context of reality, but when there is an attempt to use time to measure or fathom eternity, it is then that we find great difficulty.

Time is created as a space in eternity, so it cannot be what we use to fathom the unfathomable. Likewise, there is great difficulty understanding the movements of our Creator in the context of time because He dwells in a realm outside of time, space, and matter, so these limitations do not apply to God.

Time never stands still, even when we do. So, time suggests that there is always movement. Time is divided into three segments: past, present, and future. The present moment is always moving further away from the past and closer to the future. The future appears static but malleable, seemingly changing certain events by the choices we make in the present.

When the future is brought into the past, it becomes the present. Therefore, we must learn to live from our true, positive future in order to establish the present moment we desire to experience. There is always more for us in the future; there is growth, development, maturity, knowledge, a greater version of ourselves that is seemingly ahead, but in the context of eternity, it is a now reality. This is why God can say to you that all things are yours, even though your present reality seems to contradict this. If you project a negative outcome and expectations into your future, then that will become your present.

Greater is he who is in me.. we must always focus on bringing the future more here now. When we accept our present paradigm, our thoughts, our present realities as standard, then we get trapped in a cycle where the present and past become a revolving reality that we tend to relive repeatedly, and future possibilities remain in the future, and it never manifests in our lives.

If you never partake of your future, you are actually stuck in the present moment, having the past consistently repeating itself until you die, and nothing ever changes. For change to occur, your future must become your present, so you must always look ahead with positivity, hope, faith; dream big, desire more, seek knowledge beyond what you know, engage with the unknown, and live from your future possibilities in the now.

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