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I love people. I love them to the point that it tears my heart apart when I see them living way below their potential; even worse, they have little interest in what that potential is, the fullness of which is still a mystery. The Lord has been educating me, not about Him so much, but about what it means to be human. I have been pulled all the way back to ‘original intent.’ What was God thinking when He made man? What did we look like? How did we function?

Science confirms that we only use 10% of our brain capacity. It is also a proven fact that our minds are incredibly powerful and can determine how we live and our functionality. If you examine all that a man has done with only 10% brain capacity, how can we ever sit contented that what we know is all there is to know. I have developed a sympathy for Atheists who would cross their legs and confidently declare that there is no God. It takes a whole lot of faith to do that, and most of them are eloquent speakers whose words cut deep like a sword. You cannot out-argue them, but our existence or God’s existence for that matter was never meant to be decided by a verbal debate.

The issue I am having is that there is so much more, but I am not convinced that we want more. The deeper I dig into the truth is the more I realize that the foundation of Christianity is mystical in nature. Yes, I said it. It is the only conclusion that finally makes sense to me. The Bible was written by people whom God either chose to pull out of the basic stuff, or people who were content to seek after the more. There was nothing ordinary about any of the writers of Scripture, though one would be forced to argue, what exactly should ordinary look like? Enoch, for example, transcended human traditions and cultures to the extreme that he walked with God so closely that he never saw death. Yet, it is appointed unto men once to die, but after that the judgment. But, we see a few people who have cheated death, for example, Elijah. The last remaining Emissary wrote the last book of the Bible, and it is assumed that he died, even though Jesus had mentioned that just maybe he wouldn’t. Do we ever think about these things? I am talking about the possibility of walking with God to the extreme that the natural laws no longer apply, to some extent. I am talking about having that face to face encounter with Jesus now, and not after death. If we can get to that place, do you realize how irrelevant death will become?

Did Moses or Aaron quarrel when they were told it was time to die? Did they seem fearful, afraid that their world was coming to an end? Maybe they understood something we don’t. After all, isn’t this the same Moses who appeared to Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration? So, if someone told you today that they saw and spoke to Moses, how would you react?

I believe most people are content with the basic stuff. Christians are okay just being saved. In their minds, this whole idea of sonship is something they can begin to walk in when they die, and most people are fine with this.

I have many issues if you haven’t been able to tell by now. I believe, even as the church, we function under a worldly system that has programmed our consciousness to keep us earthbound. So, the idea of being seated with Christ in heavenly places is just symbolism, not a reality. I have found that we have institutionalized and compartmentalized everything. We have also divided humanity into all kinds of categories, creating sects and divisions that were never a part of God’s original plan. I have found that God’s love is for humanity, not denominations, Christians, and all these separate categories that we fit people into. The principles established in the very beginning are all applicable to men, which is why it seems that the New Agers have assumed ownership of stuff that belongs to all people. We think demons are so powerful without realizing that what they do is use human potential to further their agenda.

If we can see humanity from the perspective of “all people,” our perceptions will begin to change. God is seeking to restore the breach and come into a right relationship with men, not Ministers, Pastors, Christians, and all these titles, and labels. For God so loved the WORLD —- Are you getting this?

Absolutely nothing in your life will ever change without you changing. I find that we want change without changing. That is impossible. I also find that most Christians are not willing to abandon what they believe, even though they have no ideas where their core beliefs came from. I also find that we prefer to create this fantasy world where we have convinced ourselves that something is working, or has value when in truth, it’s just a figment of our very real and active imaginations. We are like our Father, so we have a natural ability to create the world that we live in, and we simultaneously blame others for the parts that don’t seem to function the way they should. It is this fantasy world that must first be shattered before we can step into sonship. The good news is, it all gets shattered at death, and your immortal soul may have to be counseled to begin to understand the real world you find yourself in. The better news is that this shattering can be experienced while we live on earth. Only those who have walked this path have truly made the kind of impact on earth that the Father intended when He placed us here. Most of us prefer to make excuses why we are ‘less than.’ When Jesus said if any man will come after Him, they must deny self, take up their cross and follow Him, He was not kidding. For us to live at the place of resurrection, we must first die with Christ. Paul talked about that, didn’t he? It is death to self, to ego, that part of ourselves that was created to live and survive without God — it is our self- sufficiency, our self- preservation instinct, our innate ability to defend and justify ourselves — it is that part of us that must ‘Die Daily.’ It is the other you that fights against the real you.

I preach and teach this stuff, but realize that at the end of every message, the Word is still inside me because it has not found any ground to land on. I don’t give information; I offer a more practical approach to change. Christianity was a label given to those who ‘practiced the way of Christ.’ It was never theoretical, or theological in nature, yet we place more emphasis on Christianity as theology than as a practice. You cannot walk with God theoretically, or theologically. You have to practice. You have to implement. You have to ‘do’ what you ‘hear.’

Let me give you an example. I spoke at my local church about the importance of taking communion, not just once a month, but daily, with family, with a spouse. If you study the scriptures carefully, you will see that is what the early church did. They never made a ritual out of it but practiced it whenever they met together. Many were moved by the message, and thought the Word was profound, as usual. Do you know how many applied this to their lives? Zero! I failed. Do you want to know why the church is not transforming? We love to be hearers of the Word only.

Paul thought he knew everything until he ‘saw’ Jesus. So did Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, David, The Emissaries (Apostles), Mary Magdeline, and the list goes on and on. If New Agers can leave their bodies and walk in the astral plane, why can’t Christians leave their bodies and walk in the heavens? Isn’t that what Jesus did? How do you think He ‘saw what His Father was doing?’ I believe human beings were created to live in both worlds simultaneously. Are you content with living a figurative, and assumed Christian life where you arbitrarily and randomly guess what is happening in the realm of the spirit? Most of the time you are wrong anyway! Don’t you get concerned that 80% of your prayer life is ineffective? Or perhaps you prefer to live in fantasy land where it seems God’s answer is mostly ‘no’ or ‘wait.’ My Bible says, “All God’s promises are yes and amen.” (2 Corinthians 1:20)

Did you know that the Jews practice mystical Christianity? Even those who don’t believe Jesus has come still practice mysticism. Even Jesus Himself said that “Salvation comes from the Jews” (John 4:22). What do you think He meant by that?

The world and the church will start to change when you begin to change. You have to become the change you want to see. I love God’s masterpiece called humanity. He made us a reflection of ourselves. The faults you see in others are faults you are identifying in yourself. If they weren’t in you, it would be impossible to identify them in others. Let the change begin with you. You are more powerful than you think, especially when Holy Spirit lives inside you.

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