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And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. (Colossians 3:14 – NIV)

I have found myself a little intolerant of being in certain Christian circles because of the hostility, criticism, dislike, intolerance, judgment and disdain we have for each other. It’s just too much. Where is the love? Are we even trying to demonstrate love? Do we realize that human beings are connected, no matter how bad we are, and what we demonstrate to others is actually an attack on ourselves. No wonder our lives don’t improve.

Love is the central theme of Scripture, and the foundation by which most, if not all, the contributors of the Biblical text were able to move in different spiritual dimensions. Love opens up realms and dimensions for us to gain access, because God is love, and God fills all that there is. There is no space in existence that God is not there, and if this is true, then love is the atmosphere, the very air we breathe and by virtue of love, we can access everything, and everywhere. God knows this, so He commands us to love even our enemies because Love is the principle by which we can access divine realities for us, and the person we direct our love to.

This whole ‘judgment movement’ is only framing a very dismal future for the next generation. God doesn’t need a man to defend Him, so why appoint yourself as His personal defense attorney. God sees all that is happening in the world, and He doesn’t always interfere. He knows what is going to transform this world, so He gives us only one command — Love. By virtue of love, you can bring transformation to the things and even the people you don’t like.


Father, thank You for every opportunity You provide for me to demonstrate love. I have acted contrary to Your command on several occasions, and I ask for Your forgiveness. Help me to see beyond people’s faults and temperament, to see what You have deposited in them, so I can speak to them, and respond to them from that perspective. I seek to be more and more like You, to love more than I speak judgment; to show compassionate more than demonstrate hostility in moments of indifference, and to love even those may not appreciate or deserve it, in Jesus Name.

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