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What if the truth is not what we believe, but what we should be searching for? What if the truth is not a doctrine, but a Person that we should get to know personally? There are so many denominations, so many doctrines and beliefs, so many truths, and each sect is convinced they have the whole truth and others are wrong, but what if each has but a part and the parts need to come together to form the whole? Would we agree on truth then?

What if there is no rapture of the church coming, and all the Scriptures we use to create this doctrine that God is going to take all the Christians out of the world is actually speaking to us ascending to and descending from heaven, so we can bring heaven to earth? What if in the twinkling of an eye, our bodies can be changed from mortal to immortality, from corruption to incorruption, without having to pass through death? Wouldn’t the possibility of this being true give more hope and strengthen the faith of the next generation as opposed to telling them the world is going to end?

What if the Bible is a literal book, with some exceptions, and the experiences the writers wrote about were actual experiences? Doesn’t that mean those experiences are available to us today? Shouldn’t we pursue the God of the Bible, instead of creating our own version of God that we worship and “surrender” our lives to? If the God we give credence to has “changed”, isn’t this version of Him an idol of our own creating?

What if all human beings had a pre-existence in heaven in spiritual form before being conceived and birth into physical form on the earth? Wouldn’t that mean we were all sent here with a specific assignment (divine purpose and destiny) to fulfill? Wouldn’t that also mean every human being is a prodigal son who is supposed to find their way back home? Wouldn’t that mean our choices can result in our names being removed from the book of Life? Jesus said this: “No one has ascended into heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man.” (John 3:13 – ESV). Yes, it was talking about Jesus, but what if He was teaching us a deeper truth?

What if Christianity was never just about going to heaven? What if the entire process of us being conceived and birth here, and getting saved here was all a part of the process of bringing Heaven/Light to earth? If we are already seated with Christ in heavenly places, and given all things for life and godliness, yet we are still here, then the most obvious conclusion is that we were meant to walk the same path Jesus walked here: finding favor with man and God, developing and using the giftings and talents we were given to make a better world, deny self, take up our cross and follow Him, do the works He did and greater things than what He did, ascend and descend, spending time in the “secret place”, overcoming the (systems of the) world, the devil and death.

I believe God sent us here to change the world. I believe we agreed to come here because we saw the darkness covering the earth, and we believed we could make a difference. How are you doing with your divine assignment?

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