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I will start this conversation, but I will leave it open for you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions.

I held on to this revelation for a very good while, because I was unsure of the timing of releasing it. But as I continued to observe the world, in tears, I have seen what Christianity has become. For me, it is a sad reality because as a student of the Word of God and having studied and followed some Christian mystics of our day, I know what Christianity can be. I am sure what it is predominantly now is not what Jesus intended when He established the church on His own broken body and spilled blood.

We were given a tool to transform the world and usher in the manifested glory of God. Instead, we used it to serve our own whims and fantasies, to elevate ourselves to places of prominence and power, and made it about money. I finally know what is fundamentally wrong with Christianity. It is the ego we serve thinking it is the true and living God. Which also suggest that the ego a.k.a. false self is the god of this world and not the devil.

I know Jesus dethroned the devil by His death, burial, resurrection and ascension so I have been trying to figure out who is this god of this world that blinds the minds of people to the truth. At first, I thought it was money because Jesus made a profound statement by claiming we cannot serve two masters; we cannot serve God and money. The love of money seemed to be at the root of societies functionality so I thought mammon must definitely be the god of this world.

Lo and behold, another god revealed itself just recently with the current trends.

Now the ego is a false self, and it will not exist beyond our physical death. It is the ego that does not want to die; the ego that Paul referenced when he said, “I die daily.” The ego is the “I” that interjects itself in areas of influence in our lives, often parading in the dark as the “voice of God,” unbeknownst to us who follow its promptings blindly and without question.

The ego is of our own creation which means its destruction must come by our own hands.

The ego demands to be right; it wants to be served and submitted to; obeyed and worshiped and given seats of prominence, special treatment and always demands special recognition. Why is it so demanding, so hungry for attention? It does not want to die. In death, the ego ceases to exist, and it knows it has no eternal inheritance. It wants you to live so it can thrive and rule.

The whole purpose of going through difficulties and trauma is a process to try and dissolve the ego to destroy it and render it powerless.

The ego will keep us in fear as a survival mechanism. It does not want to be discovered so it camouflages itself as God with Biblical backing, but it does not want to die for this is the only opportunity it gets at existing.

If the ego cannot die, it must be denied.

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