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You Are Born To Win (Made In God’s Image Series Book 2)

C. Orville McLeish wrote and printed his first two books in 1998. He started writing stageplays in 2002. He had a mentor who gave him a space on his website to showcase and sell his plays. They quickly grew in popularity, and C. Orville was able to launch his own ministry/business, and the Heart of a Christian Playwright ( was born.

Recognizing his giftedness in the area of writing, C. Orville went on to do several writing courses with local and international schools, earning his qualifications as a writer within a few short years. He then started entering a local literary arts competition, winning awards each year that boosted his confidence. He was able to leave his 9-5 job, and focus on his playwriting business full time. He has written over 100 full length plays and skits, and screenplays, which he still markets and sells from his website.

In 2012, he was inspired to write and publish his first book. Thus began his journey into the world of self-publishing. Through research, experience and mentorship, C. Orville has grown exponentially as a writer and a provider of self publishing services to clients globally. He has worked on all the online working platforms, i.e., Elance/Odesk (now Upwork), Fiverr, Guru, and Freelancer. His clientelle expands to the furthest reaches of the globe, and includes Doctors, Pastors, Evangelists, Publishing Companies, Self Publishing Providers, Aspiring Writers, Poets, Bishops, Media Personel, Teachers, among many others. He now packages his expertise and services and have made them available to you. HCP Book Publishing ( was born from his desire to aid new and aspiring authors especially to get their books written and published with quality and excellence. He also aids christian playwrights in getting their written work published as well.

You can view the list of services being offered by HCP Book Publishing below.

Services Offered


Ghost Writing & Writing

I am a writer and ghostwriter of Books, Prayers, Devotionals, Articles/Blogs and Affirmations, with over twenty years professional working experience. I have authored, co-authored and ghostwritten over sixty books, and numerous and diverse writing projects for clients all over the world.

Book Cover Design + 3D Mockups

I have many years of experience working with Adobe Photoshop, and in conjunction with authors to create unique and eye-catching book cover designs that will make their projects count among the professionally published books. I am flexible and willing to do several different designs, and with adequate feedback from client, we can produce an awesome cover design. I can also provide images for the front cover, as well as do 3D mockups of the final product. For projects requiring photo-manipulation, a higher fee will be charged.

Book Trailers

A book trailer is a good way to market your book to this visual generation. We utilize a balanced combination of royalty-free still photos, video clips, background music and text to create a compelling and visually appealing advertising tool for your book.


Content and Developmental Editing | Proofreading

Editing can transform any piece of writing into what it is intended to be by the author. The goal is not to change the author’s voice and content, but to make the manuscript better, and as perfect as it can be grammatically. I have worked on projects that involved taking rough, transcribed notes, and turning it into a masterpiece. I also do basic editing and proofreading to further polish a manuscript and prepare it for publishing.


Interior Book Formatting + Kindle/Epub Conversion

This is the final stage before publishing a book on any print on-demand platform. It involves designing the interior of the book and doing eBook conversions so final files can be prepared that will be uploaded to the desired publishing platform.

Print on Demand Account Setup + Publishing

Navigating and understanding the self-publishing platforms can seem like rocket-science to newbie authors. I can help. I have been studying, using and working on these platforms for many years, particularly, Ingramspark, Smashwords, and KDP (formerly Createspace). I self-published my first book in 2012, so I know the platforms very well. I can aid in setting up the account and publishing your book (uploading the final cover and book interior files + eBook).


Writing Stageplays is my first love. I started way back in 2002, after doing some short courses on playwriting and screenwriting. I have written over 100 full length plays that are marketed and sold to churches, theaters and schools globally. I now offer writing and ghostwriting services for those who desire such a service.


I love writing movie scripts. If playwriting is my first love, crafting a good screenplay would be second in line. I have done courses in screenwriting, and have won awards in competitions, etc. for scriptwriting. Movies are still a great way to influence and reach today’s generation, which is why I like to focus on writing wholesome and inspirational stories. If you have an idea or a book that you want to adapt into a movie, then I can help.

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